The Great Labor Day Celebration


The Great Whitwell Labor Day Celebration!


~ Whitwell’s Annual Event ~

“IIIIIIIIIIIII Love a Paraaaaaaaade!”

Yes! It’s Whitwell’s very own famous Labor Day Parade may not be as lavish as the Tournament of Roses Parade, but on the Grande Scale of things, the people here in Whitwell has just as much spirit and zest for celebration which is why there is always a huge turnout!

But it doesn’t stop there!  Yes, there is also a Beauty Contest, and such a gala event it is for Whitwell!  No town would be complete without its own exciting competition of its young people on display with all their glamour and glory!!! Why would Whitwell be any different from any other place in this respect? This has been a tradition for the people of Whitwell for about half a century now.  Every young lady in Whitwell dreams of becoming “Miss Whitwell”!

Just imagine, the parade begins around 9am of this end of Summer day. It is usually nice and warm, too. So many wondrous things happen, such as all the young and beautiful contestants who had strutted their stuff to the judges just the Saturday before, rides in this parade on top of someone’s classy car, in the sweltering heat no less!

You will also see many floats and even politicians, who are from local and other places, walking from the south end of Whitwell to the North end, throwing candy to the kiddies.  The Shriners are also a neat thing to watch buzzing around in their little golf cart-type vehicles! The sounds in the air are that of the Whitwell Police, Firetrucks, and Rescue Sirens letting onlookers know that Whitwell is alive and kickin’!

No one could ever forget all the majestic Tennessee Walkin’ Horses among other types of horses that are ridden in this Labor Day parade! Why, there are probably more Cowboys in Whitwell than anywhere else in America!

After the parade, everyone gathers at the Whitwell Ball Park for the great festivities to begin! Great food, Fun, Entertainment, and Games galore for all to enjoy! Then at 6pm the curtain raises for the Beauty Contest. This is when the moment halts and the hearts beat fast in anticipation of the announcement of who the winners will be, as the next “Miss Whitwell”  and the members of her Royal Court are introduced in the spotlight to the eager onlookers!!!

Yeah, this little town really knows how to celebrate and have fun!!!

So, if you are interested in signing up as a Beauty Contestant, want to be in the Parade or any of the Festivities on Labor Day, you can call Whitwell City Hall at 423-658-5151 for more information.



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