Miss Whitwell Beauty Pageant

Past Miss Whitwell's at the 2006 Pageant Labor Day Festival

Past Miss Whitwell’s Reunion at the 2006 Pageant Labor Day Festival

The Famed Miss Whitwell!

“Heeeeerrrre she issss, Miss Whitwelllllll!”

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  Harriette Lehr  
The First
“Miss Whitwell”

No Contest
was held for
“Miss Whitwell”

In 1959, the citizens of Whitwell saw The Very First “Miss Whitwell”, Harriette Lehr.

Enter, 2014’s “Miss Whitwell”, !

(If you have a picture of any of the Miss Whitwell’s of the ones that are missing, please CLICK HERE to send a jpeg of her picture, and we will add her picture to the page here. Also, if you know the names of any of the unknowns, please let us know as well.)

And all the other “Miss Whitwell” Winners in Between!

  Wilma Green
“Miss Whitwell 1960”   

  Martha Ross
“Miss Whitwell 1961”   

  Gwendolyn Turner
“Miss Whitwell 1962”   

  Charlotte Reeves
“Miss Whitwell 1963”   

  Ann Gholston
“Miss Whitwell 1964”   

  Martha Roberts
“Miss Whitwell 1965”   

  Judy Morrison
“Miss Whitwell 1966”   

  Janice Nunley
“Miss Whitwell 1967”   

  Claire Cox
“Miss Whitwell 1968”  

  Elaine McEntyre
“Miss Whitwell 1969”  

  Stella Morrison
“Miss Whitwell 1970”  

  Reba Fine
“Miss Whitwell 1971”  

  Sonya McGinnis
“Miss Whitwell 1972”  

  Glenda Morrison
“Miss Whitwell 1973”  

  Kathy Vandergriff
“Miss Whitwell 1974”  

  Tamara Stokes
“Miss Whitwell 1975”  

  Jane Griffith
“Miss Whitwell 1976”  

  Renee Worley
“Miss Whitwell 1977”  

  Annie Steagall
“Miss Whitwell 1978”  

  Jackie Stokes
“Miss Whitwell 1979”  

  Elaine Earvin
“Miss Whitwell 1980”  

  Tamara Ann Holtcamp
“Miss Whitwell 1981”  

  Penny Mosier
“Miss Whitwell 1982”  

  Marcy Tucker
“Miss Whitwell 1983”  

  Jennifer Thomas
“Miss Whitwell 1984”  

  Latrika Russell
“Miss Whitwell 1985”  

  Jennifer Blake
“Miss Whitwell 1986”  

  Dawn Powell
“Miss Whitwell 1987”  

  Sheri Stamey
“Miss Whitwell 1988”  

  Melissa Morrison
“Miss Whitwell 1989”  

  Tonya Chaffin
“Miss Whitwell 1990”  

  Missy Richards
“Miss Whitwell 1991”  

  Heather Scissom
“Miss Whitwell 1992”  

  Tammy Barnett
“Miss Whitwell 1993”  

  Sarah Wiggins
“Miss Whitwell 1994”  

  Chasity Phillips
“Miss Whitwell 1995”  

  Holly Morrison
“Miss Whitwell 1996”  

  Natalie Barber
“Miss Whitwell 1997”  

  Jessica Powell
“Miss Whitwell 1998”  

  Mandi Hickman
“Miss Whitwell 1999”  

  Gillian Hudson
“Miss Whitwell 2000”  

  Ashley Lofty
“Miss Whitwell 2001”  

  Holly Perkins
“Miss Whitwell 2002”  

  Rachael Brown
“Miss Whitwell 2003”  

  Chaddie Hatfield
“Miss Whitwell 2004”  

  Kayla Cates
“Miss Whitwell 2005”  

  Brittany Huckaby
“Miss Whitwell 2006”  

  Bryanna Condra
“Miss Whitwell 2007”  

  Jordan Smith
“Miss Whitwell 2008”  

  Brittany Crowe
“Miss Whitwell 2009”  

  Taylor French
“Miss Whitwell 2010”  

  Paiton Patterson
“Miss Whitwell 2011”  

  Ansley Jackson
“Miss Whitwell 2012”  

  Beth Crowe
“Miss Whitwell 2013”  

  Ronlon Smith
“Miss Whitwell 2014”  

  No contest
“Miss Whitwell 2015”  

  Who will be
“Miss Whitwell 2016”  


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* If you want to enter the Miss Whitwell Pageant on Labor Day weekend, please contact Whitwell City Hall at 423-658-5151 a few weeks before Labor Day for more info on the Pageant, rules, and fees. This contest is held on Labor Day weekend of every year.

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