Police & Fire Department

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The Original Whitwell Fire Department

Whitwell’s Police & Fire Department

Located at City Hall in Whitwell…

You can contact the Police Chief at 423-658-5151

You can contact Fire Department at 423-658-5151 or 423-658-5202

SAFETY is the #1 focus with the Whitwell Police & Fire Departments. Being a law abiding citizen benefits you in many ways such as the crime rate and accidents would go down, and our  children would be much safer. Observing the driving rules are paramount to a safe environment, especially when the kids are coming out of the schools when it is time to go home.

You can become even more aware of safe driving rules by:
Clicking Here to visit Tennessee Department of Safety to keep your Driver License renewed and even to get an online copy of the most updated Driver Handbook, among many other items of importance. Just think about it, if only everyone would observe and go by all the rules, there would never be any accidents!

CLICK HERE to Email Us if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for the Fire Department! An automatic email will pop up, then just type your name, address, and phone number in the email then simply click SEND!!! The Fire Chief representative will then contact you, or you can call at either of the phone numbers above.

You can make a Tax Deductible Donation in any amount you wish to the Whitwell Police and/or Fire Department simply by sending a check or money order to this address:

Attn: Whitwell Police/Fire Department
13671 Hwy 28
PO Box 610
Whitwell, TN 37397


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